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Pollock Company is a cyber security and IT company that also sells commercial printers in Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC. Pollock also assists with workflow solutions such as document processing information, compliance with internal and external controls, business process automation, etc.

Founded in Augusta, GA in 1965 by E.B. Pollock, and family-owned and operated continuously for 57 years, Pollock Company is known for its great reputation and outstanding service.

At Pollock Company we don’t just take orders; we offer specific IT Solutions and cyber security recommendations based on our assessments.

Pollock Company has a legacy of high standards, believes in providing the highest level of service for our client’s needs in the rapidly changing field of business technology, and believes in giving back to the communities that we represent.

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Pollock Company offers workplace communities the latest office equipment, IT services, cyber security, and network solutions for greater productivity.

Pollock Company Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services from the Pollock Company can provide a one-stop-shop for companies when it comes to getting the IT services they need.

Pollock Company Print Scan Copy Mail

Print. Scan. Copy. Mail.

The copier has evolved from a simple print and copy device to a sophisticated document hub that is now genuinely integral to business processes.

Pollock Company Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Powering up your productivity is our specialty! Together we can reduce office clutter, decrease costs, and increase efficiency.

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