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3D Printers

Shape your ideas in full color with speed and simplicity

3D System Professional Printers set the standard for true 3D full-color printing, speed and affordability. You can transform your ideas into photo-realistic concept models and prototypes in hours, at a very low cost per part. 3D printing has the power to revolutionize concept development, product design, parts manufacturing and more.

Unique Full Color

Color and high quality dramatically communicate design intent

  • Produce realistic or vivid color models in one step
  • Better communicate the look, feel and style of product designs
  • 3D print text labels, logos, design comments, or images directly onto models
  • A range of options – from monochrome printing to professional quality color
  • Multiple print heads provide the best range of accurate and consistent colors

Fastest Print Speed

High speed and throughput for a range of applications

  • 5x-10x faster than all other technologies
  • Output models in hours, not days
  • Build multiple models at the same time
  • Support an entire department with ease

Safe, Office Friendly & Easy To Use

Ideal for everyday use in any office or school

  • Quiet, safe, odor free
  • Continuous negative pressure contains airborne particles
  • Eco-friendly, non-hazardous build materials
  • Zero liquid waste
  • No support structures to remove, no cutting tools or toxic chemicals
  • Requires minimal training and expertise
  • Intuitive control panel for easy operation
  • Easy tablet and smartphone remote connectivity

Lowest Operating Cost

Affordable for all environments

  • Unused core material is recycled for the next build. Eliminating waste
  • No physical supports are necessary
  • Part costs are a fraction of competitive technologies
  • Based on reliable, affordable ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology

Expand minds and empower students to a new creative reality

Cube Pro and Cube 3D Printers

  • Facilitate the idea of entrepreneurship by providing new opportunities to enhance project, problem, design, inquiry and challenge-based learning
  • Promote student literacy through writing, reflecting and journal writing while making real-world objects in specific subject areas
  • Give students the opportunity to learn through kinesthetic procedures and techniques
  • Introduce students to the iterative process for problem solving
  • Support student development by relaying the important of asking the right questions and following up with continued inquiry

Print Production

For a new generation of digital production demands, put color to work.
The world of production is changing. Today’s customers demand superior color image quality. Tight deadlines require faster turnaround times. Profitable operation depends on streamlined workflow, online job submission and production automation. You need equipment you can count on for maximum uptime, with built-in protection for the environment. For all these reasons, print professionals count on Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS.

  • Dot Position Control: With dot position control individual pixels od 1200 dpi are processed 3 times, reaching a higher stable equivalent of 3600 dpi – giving your images smoother edges and superb color density without moirés or distortion
  • Color Density Control: The CDC sensor reads printed color values to reproduce hues and skin tones more accurately on any paper stock
  • Outline Character Processing: Reproduces the ideal thickness of knock-out type on color backgrounds.
  • Image Density Control: The IDC sensor controls halftone density automatically during continuous printing – offering improved image stability from start to finish in any setup environment
  • Air-Suction Paper Feed Unit: Suction type paper feeding can now be selected for the first time for a light production printer, providing the most reliable paper handling in it's class
  • Air Blower Paper Separator: Delivering air prevents the paper from wrapping around the upper fusing belt, thereby improving the reliability of the fusing unit's paper feeding
  • Hybrid Decurling Mechanism: Humidifies the paper passage to remove unwanted static electricity and heat from the paper, as well as reduce paper curls and paper cling for highly accurate paper delivery
  • Cyclone Air Suction System: Features a high-powered dust collector which collects 3 times more toner – reducing the replacement frequencies of the filter unit to reduce machine downtime

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