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access control solutions in Greenboro, Georgia

Protect People, Assets, and Places with Integrated Building Security Solutions

access control solutions

Pollock Company is proud to offer access control solutions in Greenboro, Georgia. We have a legacy of high standards and believe in providing the highest level of service for our clients. Pollock Company is a reliable business technology provider, supporting customers in Greenboro, Georgia and throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Founded in Augusta, GA in 1965 by E.B. Pollock, and family-owned and operated continuously for 57 years, Pollock Company is known for its great reputation and standout service.

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We help keep your Business Secure

At its core, physical security is about keeping your facility, people, and assets safe from real world threats. Most organizations acknowledge the need for some physical security, but few take a proactive approach. Sadly, changes to an organization’s physical security are usually a reactive response to an incident that has already occurred.

If you haven’t reviewed your physical security in a while, now should be the time. Don’t let a preventable incident cause a reactive response to something that could have been addressed proactively. Contact Pollock Company today for a free assessment.

verkada physical security cameras sold and installed by pollock company

Security Cameras

Powerful Video Security Without The Complexity

Hybrid cloud security cameras offer the reliability of a solid state storage with the flexibility of cloud archiving, providing teams with the most scalable way to store critical footage. We offer a wide range of scalable, actionable, easy to use video security solutions to meet any needs.

Using powerful artificial intelligence (AI), modern security systems can detect things like “tail-gating” and notify key personnel in real-time. By leveraging sophisticated analytics, companies can create recognition profiles on people and vehicles of interest.

verkada physical security alarm systems sold and installed by pollock company


Around The Clock Security

Detect and respond to real-time threats with cloud-managed intrusion detection. Gain peace of mind by ensuring your sites are protected 24/7.
verkada physical security environmental sensors sold by pollock company

Environmental Sensors

Gain New Levels of Insight

Environmental sensors can help you stay ahead of unseen threats across your environments. Monitor temperature, air quality, noise, motion, vape detection, and more with environmental sensors.
verkada physical security access control sold by Pollock Company

Access Controls

Every Site – Every Door – Every User

Hybrid access control combines enterprise-grade access control with a powerful, intuitive cloud management platform to provide you with solutions to secure every site, door, and user. Access control encompasses a number of things including doors, windows, fences, and gates to name a few.

Use your smartphone as to activate lockdown procedures, to create schedules and groups, and as mobile credentials to ensure doors are locked at the right times and secured from unauthorized users.

guest checkin physical security services

Guest Management

Pollock Company provides a visitor management system that simplifies check–in while strengthening security. With features like touchless check–in, customized guest flows, document signing and an intuitive interface, visitor management has never been easier.

Your Technology Partner

Pollock Company's Services

We offer workplace communities the most up-to-date office equipment, IT services, cyber security, and network solutions for greater productivity.

Managed IT Services

We partner with companies of all sizes to provide full service IT solutions with local support, fast response times, and no long term contracts.

Print. Copy. Scan. Mail

We sell and service industry leading brands for all paper processes. We partner with the best to provide you the best. Konica Minolta, Ricoh, HP, Canon, FP, etc.

Workflow Solutions

We provide custom tailored document workflow solutions designed to increase productivity, decrease cost, and meet compliance and security guidelines.

Telephones and Faxing

Pollock Company has experienced technicians to help your company installing and maintaining VOIP telephones, secure electronic faxing, unified communication solutions and voice continuity.

Physical Security and Alarms

We offer a suite of connected security devices that provide users with a full picture of the health and safety of their environments. We can help provide solutions to your organization in a scalable way.

Structured Cabling

From just adding a few cables to designing the structured cabling system for a brand new building, we’ve got you covered. We have a dedicated team of installers ready to help you with Copper, Fiber Optic, Access Control and Alarm Cabling in any environment.

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Pollock Company History

Founded in Augusta, GA in 1965 by E.B. Pollock, and family owned and operated continuously for 57 years, Pollock Company is known for its great reputation and outstanding service.

Since our expansion in 2000 into Columbia, SC, businesses in Georgia and South Carolina have trusted us to meet their needs for print devices, office equipment, and technology. Pollock Company has a legacy of high standards, believes in providing the highest level of service for our client’s needs in the rapidly changing field of business technology, and believes in giving back to the communities that we represent.

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Contact Us About Our access control solutions

To learn more about Pollock’s access control solutions contact us. We look forward to assessing how Pollock Company can help your business improve it’s technology. Contact us today for a free assessment of your unique business needs.

Your Technology Partner

Importance of Physical Security

Investing in physical security measures such as security cameras, alarms, environmental sensors, access controls, and guest management systems is essential for any business, school, organization, or institution. Physical security helps to protect people, assets, and information from theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal activity.

These measures can also help to dissuade potential criminals, as well as provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime. By investing in physical security, businesses, schools, and organizations can create a safer and more secure environment for employees, students, and visitors, which can ultimately lead to increased productivity, decreased liability, and a better reputation.

Pollock Company has a team of experts with diverse skills and experience to provide your business with access to the latest technologies and trends.