Pollock Company has been providing office equipment sales and service since 1965 when we just fixed typewriters and copiers in Augusta, GA. Today, with offices in Augusta and Columbia SC, we sell and service the latest printers and office equipment and provide expert managed IT services and workflow solutions. We provide a variety of additional services to help our clients, including data backup and disaster recovery, business telephone systems, email hosting, and more. Contact Pollock Company today for a free assessment.


Data backup and disaster recovery services give you peace of mind that your information is always safe. Businesses have a lot of important information to keep, including financial data, contracts, personal information of employees. Depending on the type of business, it could include personal medical or financial data. Without backup and disaster recovery, something as simple as a computer crash could wipe out everything. Most businesses cannot recover from a data loss like that. With backup and disaster recovery services from Pollock Company, your data is protected from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, accidental deletion, and more.

Business Telephone Systems & Video Conferencing

Many companies still rely on traditional phone systems to conduct business. Let Pollock Company show you how a modern business telephone system can help you improve productivity and communication. From video conferencing equipment to work from home (or anywhere) solutions, and everything in between, Pollock Company can do it all!

Microsoft 365, G-Suite, and More

Microsoft 365, G-Suite, and other productivity solutions have become the core of how most companies do business. Pollock Company partners with the industry’s best vendors to provide your business with the applications it needs. We don’t just sell these products, we provide fast local support, training, and insight into best practices to help your business succeed.

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