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What is Collated Printing?

When analog photocopy machines became common place in the businesses in the 1970’s, many users instantly had the desire to produce collated sets.  The term “collation” in office equipment industry refers to the ability to produce complete sets of documents (either copy or print) – “1,2,3”, “1,2,3”, etc. in succession.   

Prior to the advent of digital copiers, automatic collation was a mechanical process and achieved using a varying number of sorter bins attached to the output of your device.   

As a user, you were limited to how many collated sets you could produce in a single run by the number of sort bins your equipment had.  If your equipment did not have these bins you were forced to collate your sets manually, a task dreaded by office workers worldwide. 

In the late 90’s photocopier technology evolved from an analog process to digital one and process of producing collated sets switched from a mechanical process (sorter bins) to an electronic one. 

Now users can produce as many collated sets as the needed and “collated” printing/copying has become the default setting on most machines.  Furthermore, modern office copiers can also produce these sets in either an off-set or crisscross fashion for easy handling. 

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Printing is a necessity for just about every business. Some businesses need to print hundreds of receipts, contracts or patient forms every day, while others print very few documents but need more scanning capabilities.

If you are not sure which printers are right for your business, Pollock Company can help. We provide free assessments to help businesses determine what they need. We are a local dealer who provides local service for everything we sell.

Pollock Company will help you determine the best printers for your needs, backed by the peace of mind that you’ll also get local service and maintenance.

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