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How Do I Fax?

The ability to fax remains an integral part of many organization’s business workflow. As technology continues to advance, the traditional analog faxing has become an increasing challenge. Many telecom providers are rapidly shifting their customers to voice over IP  (VoIP) phone systems, and away from traditional analog phone lines. 

What this means from a faxing stand point is customers are left to either maintain an expensive analog phone line for faxing or use an analog telephone adaptor for their voice over IP phone systems. These adaptors often do not preform well and cause issues with faxing. 

A great alternative solution is a cloud hosted fax product called XM Fax, with this product can export their existing fax numbers and send and receive faxes electronically without the need for a physical phone line. XM Fax also provides a fully encrypted fax environment that is significantly more secure than traditional fax workflow. 

If faxing is important to your organization and you would like to learn more, please reach out to Pollock Company

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