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How Do I Install A Waste Toner Box?

Konica Minolta

A message that you will see on your copier is the waste toner box is full. In order to replace the waste toner box, open the front cabinet, press the two latches down, and pull out the waste toner box. Be careful! If you tilt it toner will go everywhere. 

With your new waste toner box, repeat the same process in reverse, click it in and shut the cabinet. 

Konica Minolta 8-Series & Older

To replace the waste toner box on a Konica Minolta 8-Series and older machine, open up the front cabinet, press the two blue levers, and pull the box out. Snap the new waste toner box in and shut the cabinet. 


On the Ricoh, open the small door panel on the left, pull the waste toner box out, and replace it with the new one. 

If you are uncomfortable replacing the waste toner box, feel free to call Pollock Company and we will send a technician out to do it for you. 

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