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How Do I Print A Configuration Page?

A lot of our network troubleshooting will begin with asking you to print a configuration page. 

Konica Minolta

In the main menu of the Konica, go to: 

  • Utility -> Utility -> Information -> Print Information -> Configuration Page -> Start 


In the main menu of the Ricoh, go to: 

  • Settings -> Machine Features -> System Settings -> Interface Settings -> Print List -> Start 

Konica Minolta 8-Series & Older Machines

In the main menu of the Konica Minolta 8-Series and older machines, go to: 

  • Utility -> User Settings -> Printer Settings -> Print Reports -> Configuration Page -> Start 

While troubleshooting, if the technician asks for the IP address of the machine, it can be found on the configuration page. 

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