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How Do I Replace The Toner In My Copier?

Konica Minolta i-Series

In order to replace the toner on your Konica Minolta i-Series machine you will open up the front cabinet, pull the toner bottle out and replace it with your new toner. Be sure to push the new toner bottle in until you hear the click. 

Konica Minolta 8-Series and Older

To replace to the toner in your 8-Series and older Konica Minolta machine, open up the top cabinet, twist the toner to the left, and pull out. The new bottle will go in the same way, and twist the bottle to the right to lock. 


For replacing the toner on the Ricohs, open up the cabinet, pull out the toner bottle, and replace it with your new toner. 

For all supplies and toner, call Pollock Company and tell us your Pollock ID located on the front of the copier. 

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