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Interactive Whiteboard

Transform presentations into interactive collaborations

Pollock Company is pleased to introduce Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard. Now with the Interactive Whiteboard you can improve collaboration with more people in more places. Review designs, share notes, and edit data with clients, coworkers and students in real time.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

The Ricoh Whiteboard is a fast, easy and cost-effective way for people from many locations to interact like they were all in the same room. When you have important information to share, why waste precious time and money bringing an audience to you? Now you can bring your message to you audience in moments with incredible ease. You can connect up to 8 Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards or Interactive Projections Systems across your network so all participants can communicate. Each whiteboard offers interactive controls for participants in multiple locations simultaneously. The whiteboard can also support and additional 20 remote viewers who simply log in via their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Keep your audience engaged and entertained

Your audience loses interest quickly if they don’t feel they can relate to or understand your message. With the Interactive Whiteboard you can use the special electronic pen to write, draw, edit, resize and move information on blueprints, schematics, algorithms, photos and more to highlight key points in your presentation to them. You can also use feedback taken directly from the audience and make changes on the Whiteboard in real time. When you meeting is over and within minutes, you can turn your revised presentation into a PDF file, which you can name and password protect at the whiteboard, and email directly from the whiteboard to the participants.

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