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4 Things Your Managed Service Provider Should Offer

By: Matt Dyches, Director of IT, Pollock Company

1. Invest in Cybersecurity Protection

Being proactive about cybersecurity makes all the difference. Make sure your Managed Service Provider (MSP) is using a multi-layered approach for protecting your computers, network, email accounts, cloud applications, and everything in-between. If they can’t tell you the details of how they’re protecting your business, it’s time to find someone who can.

2. Backup ALL of Your Data in Multiple Locations

Backups are your last line of defense against ransomware and other cyber threats, and not all backup solutions are created equal. Your MSP can help you create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and make sure that your backup solution will perform when you need it to.

3. Educate and Train Your Employees

Your employees are simultaneously one of your greatest assets and one of your greatest risks. Training your staff how to responsibly use your technology assets and identify cybersecurity risks is one of the best things you can do to protect your business. Make sure your MSP offers virtual or in-person cybersecurity training. Our friendly and responsive help desk is available 24/7 for your IT needs.

4. Keep Hardware and Software Up-To-Date

A trustworthy managed service provider will keep you protected by ensuring that software is updated and security patches are vetted and installed promptly. They’ll also let you know when you have aging or end-of-life hardware that needs to be replaced.

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