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Workflow Automation

Did you know ?

Document searching accounts for 21.3 % of productivity loss.
–International Data Corporation

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value.” -McKinsey Global Institute

The knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday searching for information. –International Data Corporation

What good is having innovative equipment, devices and software if they are not performing together to make your workload lighter and your office productivity greater? Powering up your productivity is our specialty! Reduce office clutter, decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Pollock Company is excited to introduce

This truly is a greatly improved Document Management System where so many tasks are done automatically.

Email Filing with DocuWare

Contracts, proposals, letters, really all kinds of documents, are arriving within seconds on a recipient’s computer – a computer that might be located thousands of miles away from the sender. Groups of recipients can receive information simultaneously which helps communication flow within a company and between business associates. But what are we supposed to do with so many electronic messages? The need to organize emails automatically and to store them in a logical and efficient way can save time and money.

  • Easy retrieval of email and their attachments with the help of enhanced indexing
  • Tamper-free storage of email for reconstruction of past processes
  • Automatic filing of email directly out of email system (e.g.MS Outlook, Lotus Notes) without any manual intervention
  • Employees working remotely can use DocuWare Web Client module to access the document pool containing archived email
  • Email can be stored in .txt file format, which guarantees that they can be read for years to come
  • The problem of overflowing mailboxes and overwhelmed email servers is completely solved
  • Various compliance regulations and requirements are easily met
  • Indexes can be enhanced by adding criteria from address books or external data sources

DocuWare for Accounting

Unfortunately, outdated paper and manual operations often block a company’s path to agility: costs are recorded too late, approvals take too long, processing steps are not transparent, and bookings can’t be completed because releases or documents are missing. Plus, critical information about business transactions is often lost in silos, isolated from data in the ERP and accounting system. Digital storage and process automation with DocuWare will help your company leap beyond these barriers.

Speed up and Strengthen Financial Processes

  • Legally compliant storage
  • Protection against data loss and fraud
  • Quick (and mobile) capturing and authorizing of invoices
  • Transparent controls for a ‘more eyes, the better’ approach
  • Booking and records linked
  • Automatic data exchange with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, Sage and other accounting programs
  • Reliable ERP analysis through smooth accounting processes
  • Cloud or On-Premises Solutions available

DocuWare for Human Resources

Employees appreciate it when they receive confirmation about a professional development class, when travel expenses are reimbursed on time or when a vacation request is quickly approved. With DocuWare, these processes are much more reliable and easier than the old paper route.

  • Choosing Candidates:
    With DocuWare applications are consistently stored and shared with managers and colleagues via digital workflow. With annotation and stamp features, they can provide feedback with out altering the original document. This creates full transparency within the team and applicants enjoy a rapid response.
  • Impressing Employees from Day One: The more seamless the start, the faster new colleagues can get up to speed and contribute their know-how. With DocuWare you’ll have structured onboarding with automatic task distribution. Employee data is captured once and then automatically entered into all other forms. Documents needed for day one are all online and opened via a link.
  • Payroll Savings Every Month: Consider what it means to print, fold, stuff, buy postage and send payroll documents. It means a lot of costs are wrapped up in all that postage, paper and time. With DocuWare, these costs are decreased. Regardless if you manage your payroll externally or internally, with DocuWare,payroll records always arrive securely to your employees.
  • Integrate with all payroll systems
  • Seamless workflows, even with external payroll companies
  • Highest security via encryption

A Pollock Company custom tailored workflow solution is sure increase efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs in your organization. Contact us today for a no obligation workflow analysis to see how we can help!

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