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Is Your Phone System Providing You With The Flexibility and Efficiency You Need?

In today’s modern workspace the manner in which businesses communicate continues to be redefined, but what has stayed constant is that communication is a critical component for everyday business. 

Voice over IP (VoIP) has had an incredible impact on businesses by lowering the cost structure for voice services and providing advanced features and functionality. If we expand further, Unified Communications (UC) offers a suite of tools and services that simplify how, when, and where employees and customers communicate within your organization. 

Unified Communications has taken communications to the next level by adding mobility, desktop integration, and messaging to provide flexibility and scalability for businesses and their employees. 

Let’s examine these areas a little more closely. 


Mobility in business communications is more important today than ever before. When utilizing a strong UC solution, employees are no longer tethered to a desk phone.

These employees are able to maximize their productivity by having their business phone with them wherever they are, either by having the ability to use their desk handset wherever they have an internet connection or by simply using an app on their mobile phone that provides a seamless handoff. 

A good mobile app gives employees the ability to maintain their business and personal personas from a single mobile device. 

Desktop Integration

Can you imagine a world where you don’t have to have a physical phone on your desk at all? Well, that reality is quickly approaching. A good UC solutions enables employees to ditch the handset completely and allows their business communications to be done directly from their desktop computer using a connected Bluetooth headset. 

Picture being in your company CRM and wanting to dial a customer, instead of looking up the number and picking up your handset, you could simply highlight the number in the CRM record, right click and dial!


desktop integration calling

Business Messaging

Like it or not we live in a text message driven world. Many times, SMS/MMS messaging is a customer’s preferred method of communication. 

Traditionally, businesses who want to communicate with employees and customers via messaging must rely on either personal mobile devices or third-party apps. A powerful UC solution offers the ability to eliminate multiple systems and roll this feature into a single system. 

Is Your Communication System Enhancing Productivity?

At the end of the day, your business communication systems should enhance your business productivity and customer service, not hinder them. If your phone system doesn’t afford you the tools needed to meet the needs of the ever-changing business landscape, you should consider implementing a unified communication strategy. 

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