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The copier has evolved from a simple print and copy device to a sophisticated document hub that is now genuinely integral to business processes.

Printing is a necessity for just about every business. Some businesses need to print hundreds of receipts, contracts or patient forms every day, while others print very few documents but need more scanning capabilities. If you are not sure which printers are right for your business, Pollock Company can help. We provide free assessments to help businesses determine what they need. We are a local dealer who provides local service for everything we sell.

Pollock Company has been selling and servicing office equipment since printers for business were people sitting at typewriters. Today’s printers can be as simple as a machine that only prints receipts from a point-of-sale system to WiFi-enabled machines that perform a multitude of tasks. Business owners and managers have more important things to worry about than their printers. Pollock Company will help you determine the best printers for your needs, backed by the peace of mind that you’ll also get local service and maintenance.

All equipment comes with Professional, Prompt, Local Service.


Vibrant output
Enhanced security
Cloud and mobile ready
Cost Effective

MFPs (multi-function printers) are document hubs for many businesses. As the name suggests, they do a lot. These machines can print from any device on the network on media of various sizes. They provide enhanced security and centralized document management, distribution, and production while acting as a fax machine, photocopier, scanner, printer, and more. MFPs (multi-function printers) are perfect for large offices with a variety of needs, like a doctor’s office that needs to scan and file driver’s licenses and insurance cards, photocopy notes, print receipts and instructions, and email documents to patients and doctors.


Output up to 60”in width
Copy/Print/Scan functionality
Print on a variety of media
Wireless connectivity

Wide format printers are perfect for businesses that need to print large pieces such as posters, banners or signs. Pollock Company sells and services wide format printers with output up to 60 inches wide. They have copy/print/scan functionality and print on a variety of media perfect for vinyl signage and wraps, yard signs and more. With wireless connectivity, wide format printers are easy to set up and use.


Local parts and service
Manage output from print to post
Reduce shipping costs
Wi-Fi enabled

If your business sends a lot of mail, you can reduce shipping costs and downtime with mailing machines from Pollock Company. These machines manage your output from print to post. With locations in Columbia SC and Augusta GA, Pollock Company provides local, fast parts and services for a variety of mailing machines. Ask us which mail machine best suits your needs.

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