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Telephones and Faxing

VoIP telephones are great solutions for small businesses because they can grow with you. Pollock Company has phone solutions to fit the needs of any business.
About Our Services

Modern Phone Solutions For Your Office

Pollock Company has experienced technicians to help your company installing and maintaining VOIP telephones, secure electronic faxing, unified communication solutions and voice continuity.

telephone and faxing solutions by Pollock company

VOIP Telephones

We offer robust hosted VOIP solutions that allow your business to operate more efficiently than ever before. Make and receive office calls from your desk, at home, or on the road seamlessly. Keep your existing number and get more out of your phones with Pollock.

Unified Communication Solutions

Pollock Company can help you improve communication with your staff, your vendors, and your clients. Unified Communication helps you stay organized and communicate efficiently by streamlining phone calls, video conferencing, internal chat, and even text messaging.

Voice Continuity

What happens to your phone calls when the power goes out at your office, or if everyone needs to work from home? Pollock can help you setup Voice Continuity to automatically route phone traffic to a cell phone or another location during emergencies and unexpected outages, making sure you never miss an important call.

Secure Electronic Faxing

Pollock Company offers secure FOIP fax solutions that will enable your business to reduce costs, enforce compliance, and provide mobile capabilities to your work force.

Ask Us About Our Telephone and Faxing Solutions

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to learn how Pollock Company can help your business improve it’s technology.