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Wide Format / Engineering Printers, Scanners, Copiers

KIP, Ricoh and Canon offer wide format printers make superior systems for viewing and printing wide-format engineering drawings, public-works documents and more -- with compact design, modular options and scalable configurations that suit both headquarters and field operations. Fast output, superior image quality and simple operation keep wide format printers productive even during peak volume demands.

Canon offers state-of-the-art large-format printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality. With three distinct lines of printers; 12-color for the Photography and Graphics markets, 8-color for the Production market and 5-color for the Technical Documents and General Use markets, Canon has a large format solution to fit your needs. Canon includes many technological advances in our printers including a one-inch print head with 15,360 nozzles, an L-COA print processor, as well as workflow printing software. With printers ranging in size from 60-inches down to 17-inches, Canon has the answer.

You'll never ask if it was money well-spent. Right now deciding to spend money on anything may be a tough call. Whatever you buy needs to be reliable and durable year after year. For over 60 years, KIP has been the best choice for companies who are serious about their wide format production equipment.

RICOH Wide Format Digital Imaging System

Expand Your Options With Color Scanning

Electronic document distribution is the one of the fastest growing trends in business today. With the built-in color scanning option of the Ricoh Aficio MP W3601, you can capture marked-up changes in the field and deliver them direct to the designer, eliminating time-consuming mail or expensive courier delivery.

  • Reduce space requirements with the built-in color scanner.
  • Scan documents of all sizes and types: architectural drawings, sepias, blueprints, detailed maps, folded or wrinkled documents, oversized drawings, photos or posters.
  • Improve project workflow by scanning directly to e-mail, SMB, folder, FTP, URL, NCP and document server.

Customize To Your Workflow

GlobalScan NX converts scanned paper documents into electronic files and routes them to network folders, e-mail addresses, fax machines and other destinations.

  • Provide a secure environment from which information can be shared across a network or the Internet through a standard browser interface.
  • Preserve business paper documents electronically in an organized file system, eliminating filing space.
  • Automate paper-based processes, like Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-Archive.
  • Secure scanning to protect confidential data and meet security policies.
  • Reduce costs associated with overnight delivery, storage and document handling costs.
  • Capture metadata based on clients and jobs for later retrieval.

Get Your Projects Done On-Time and On-Budget

The Ricoh Aficio MP W3601 prints at 6 pages-per-minute and allows you to work the way you need to work in order to remain competitive.

  • Cut costs and improve communications with powerful Scan-to features:
    • Scan-to-Email allows you to eliminate delivery costs by e-mailing documents directly to anyone, anywhere.
    • Scan-to-Folder allows you to convert your paper documents to electronic files, saving space and cutting distribution time.
    • Scan-to-URL or Scan-to-NCP (Novell) allows you to send a URL e-mail or NCP
    • link for document access rather than an entire file, so authorized users can retrieve documents 24/7.
    • Scan-to-FTP bypasses your mail server, allowing you to send large files quickly.
  • Manage system functions—check toner and paper levels, change print queues, merge jobs, receive e-mail alerts—right from your desktop with the WebImageMonitor utility.
  • Reduce paper and toner waste by previewing document thumbnails before printing or scanning.
  • Simplify and enlarge displays with the touch of a button for easy walk-up use.

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