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Workflow Solutions

Pollock Company workflow solutions can improve productivity, ensure compliance and reduce downtime. Contact us today for a free assessment.
About Our Services

Improving Your Productivity

We provide custom tailored document workflow solutions designed to increase productivity, decrease cost, and meet compliance and security guidelines. Together we can reduce office clutter, decrease costs, and increase efficiency. Rather you need document processing, compliance with internal and external controls, or business process automation.

workflow solutions

Enterprise Document Management

Accessing critical information is vital to business success. Pollock Company provides cloud and on premise solutions to manage, access, and secure this information.

Document Workflow Automation

Information bottlenecks can slow down a business’s productivity. Pollock Company offers solutions to streamline and automate business processes.

MFD Security/Cost Recovery

These devices need to be treated like computers and secured the same. They should be protected with access management  solutions to keep them in good working order and maximize your investment. Pollock Company provides solutions which offer detailed accounting and auditability for your multifunction device.


Compliance with internal and external controls is essential for effective workflow solutions. When automating capital expenditure requests, employee onboarding, contract approvals or other processes, your workflow solution from Pollock Company ensures that you maintain compliance with all policies and regulations.

CRM / ERP / Accounting Software Integrations

Redundant work and inefficient processes can be a total productivity killer in the office. Pollock Company can help you eliminate these time-wasters with document management and workflow solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing line-of-business applications.

Ask Us About Our Workflow Solutions

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to learn how Pollock Company can help your business improve it’s technology.